Outpatient Services

Comprehensive Outpatient Services including Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient, and Supportive Outpatient Services.

Alternative Peer Groups

Support Groups and Social Activities for clients and families facilitated by Trained Peer Recovery Specialists.

The 360 Model

The Lifeway Enthusiastic Recovery Model provides a 360 degree strategic support continuum for the recovery of adolescents and young adults.


Our daughter came to Lifeway in a dark desperate place. Actually, our whole family was in that place. Lifeway gave us support and hope. There were others who were going through the same things and that felt good! For the first time in a long time, we laughed and had fun together at Lifeway events. Our daughter is about to celebrate ONE year of sobriety. We still have a long way to go, but she has made so much progress in one year.

Lifeway Parent

I lost all control of my using; I became dependent on drugs to function. Nothing else mattered to me. I used to live and lived to use. At first I was very oppositional to getting into Lifeway. I finally gave it a shot. After a couple relapses and rehabs, I was tired of the way I was living. Lifeway gave me a safe environment to take a step back and see my life for what it was, but also offered a solution. Today I’m 7 months sober and I have the trust of my mom and friends back.

Client in Adult Group

Lifeway has come to mean more and more. It is other parents who know what we have been through. And, other kids who know what our son has been through. It is parents, who do not ask probing questions; who do not judge our parenting skills; who do not second-guess our decisions. These are parents who celebrate with us the milestones our family and our son have achieved, even the times when we have stumbled. Parents who we have gotten to know well at our weekly meetings.

Lifeway Parent

A boy I was in rehab with told me that I should come to Lifeway, so we did. After our first meeting my parents and I did House Rules and decided to stay.

I now have a lot of friends since joining Lifeway. They help me through a lot, and I also have a wonderful facilitator, who talks me through everything. My mom decided to get sober so now we are sober together.

Client in Younger Group