Family Support

From that first intuitive question of a worried parent to the cry for help from a family with a young person who has just overdosed, Lifeway’s programs and staff can knowledgeably provide you, your loved one, and your family with the support and tools you need for a proven plan of recovery. Family members will learn new skills to support the recovering person through treatment, early recovery, and continued care planning.

Lifeway Program

The Lifeway Enthusiastic Recovery Model provides a 360-degree strategic support continuum for the recovery of adolescents, adults and their families impaired by chemical dependency or addictive behaviors. From your first call, Lifeway provides a comprehensive program and an 18-month to 3-year continuity of care plan that is tailored to your unique circumstances and individualized needs.

Alternative Peer Group

The program’s alternative peer groups are the hallmark of Lifeway and are core to sustained recovery for the individual. Integrated with other Lifeway program components such as family support groups, counseling, and therapeutic services, the highest quality treatment options are amassed into one solid accountable treatment venue. Alternative peer groups are the vehicle for interworking therapeutic and recovery elements around a model of accountability, education, and supportive resources for the recovering person and their family.

Spiritually Centered

Enthusiasm for recovery and sobriety are infused into every aspect of Lifeway’s programs. Spirituality centered principles for purposeful living are at the program’s core. Lifeway surrounds the individual and family with 360 degrees of support and accountability as the loved one moves from addiction to living a responsible and principle-based life.