1. Has your child ever been caught with alcohol or other drugs by anyone, or have there been rumors or suspicion of drug or alcohol use?
  2. Are you seeing a change in your child’s friendships; are old friends disappearing and new ones appearing?
  3. Are your child’s grades dropping? Does he or she have unexplained absences from school?
  4. Has your child lost his or her appetite, or does he or she snack excessively?
  5. Is your child always out of money even though you know that he or she should have some?
  6. When you answer the telephone, does the caller frequently hang up or refuse to identify themselves?
  7. When your child comes home, does she or he frequently go straight to her or his room with little or no conversation?
  8. Does your child resent authority at home or school and become defensive easily?
  9. Is there less participation in family activities on the part of your child?
  10. If you have more than one child, do you find that one child is more demanding and causes more concern than the others?
  11. Does your child become angry easily or often, or angry over seemingly unimportant issues?
  12. When you question your child, do you generally end up defending your right to ask questions, or are you made to feel that you are infringing on his or her privacy?
  13. Are you and your spouse having arguments or disagreements more frequently on how to discipline your child?
  14. Have there been instances of running away, legal problems, or truancy?

If you have answered “yes” to any one of the questions, there is a definite warning that your child may be a chemical user.