Lifeway is you and your family’s expert for recovery, intervention and prevention for chemical use, abuse, dependency and addictive behaviors.

Lifeway has served individuals, families, schools, community institutions and professionals, with comprehensive programs of recovery, intervention, prevention, education, consultation and support since its establishment in 1985.

If you or your family is in crisis, Lifeway is your immediate place to turn, even if it is to call and ask the simplest of questions, such as, “I’m worried, could my child be using drugs?” If you are seeking help for yourself, a young person, spouse or other loved one who is already experiencing the ramifications of alcohol, drugs or other addictions, Lifeway is here to help.

Lifeway provides comprehensive programs for intervention, treatment, and aftercare designed to fit a family’s needs for the first eighteen months to three years of establishing a recovering lifestyle:

  • Coordination with legal entities
  • Coordination with Transitional Living Centers
  • Coordination with Hospital, Residential, Wilderness, Boot Camp, Justice Department. and Psychiatric Care
  • Prevention of Chemical Dependency and other Self-destructive Behaviors
  • Institutional Consultation and Special Program Development